Monday 25 January 2010

Hey it's good to be back home again

Thank you for all the good thoughts, wishes and prayers on the death of my father last weekend. The funeral was held last Tuesday. The service was simple (just the way he would have liked it), a lot of tears were shed and a lot of memories shared afterwards. My parents-in-law travelled the 1100 kilometres (690 miles) round trip to attend the funeral. They spread it out over three days by driving up on Monday and returning home on Wednesday. One of our very good friends also travelled 1024 kilometres (640 miles) to be there - he came and went on the Tuesday (a long drive solo!) and he barely knew my father; he was there to support WM and I.

My brother, his pregnant wife, my uncle (dad's brother) and aunt, DD and SIL left on Wednesday morning, and my sister and her children left on Thursday after lunch (she had to work that evening). WM and I were going to leave on Saturday but the forecast temperature was 43*C (109*F) so we decided to wait and come home on Sunday (which was still very hot until we were fairly close to home). It's going to be a tough few days for mum but she'll get through it.

As for me, the whole thing seems quite surreal and there a lot of tears left to be shed. So, thanks once again, I truly appreciate your support and prayers.

And now, dad's spirit is in heaven with his Lord and Saviour and his earthly body rests among the hills and in the valley which he loved and to which he chose to retire.

This photo was taken by WM, June 2009.

Love you, dad.


  1. Oh such a beautiful view.
    Please take the time to grieve and heal.
    For exercise.. phfft... How can someone with CFS exercise. Getting the energy to do the basics is hard enough.

  2. Wishing you and yours all the strength you need

  3. Hi Lynne
    So glad to hear you made it there and back safely and also that there were special friends and family to support you and WM.
    Look after yourself.
    Deb xx

  4. i'm glad you're home; I'm glad he's buried where he loved to be. That's all we can ask.

  5. Be very patient with yourself, blogfriend. Grief takes time to be processed; listen to it. The scenery is just spectacular; what a nice place to think of for your Dad's earthly remains...just a springboard of the beauty where he now resides! Rest in peace.


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