Monday 27 April 2009

a letter to KAL participants

Dear fellow members of "Winter of Textured Knitting"
[except Jan who read my mind and has already let me know - thank you]

Please don't feel I'm nagging - the month is drawing to a close and to save me some time now that I am back at work, I would really appreciate it if you could either email me or leave a comment if you have something to contribute to this month's round up. It can be a WIP or an FO - or even a pattern yet to be started! ;-)

Thanking you so much
The Nag


  1. hey Lynne
    I know you've posted about it already, but my Buried Treasure sock #1 is done (and I will cast on for #2 very soon), I cast on a new textured sock on the weekend which I will post about this week, and my scootchy scarf, while lace, is more textural as well!
    Do I get full marks for my homework?! ;-)

  2. Nag?! I didn't hear a nag, only a very friendly and timely reminder-thanks!

  3. No nagging here! LOL!
    The raglan jacket has seed stitch cuffs, collar and bands - so could be called textured at a stretch - however I am up to the canle on my second gathered pullover, have cat on the viper socks and am mulling over which other cable-y textured-y socks will also be going on the needles!

  4. Hi,
    I just have to sew up mine still as per last blog.

    Well be done next weekend.

    Unless you would like to cound the dead muppet scarves :)

  5. i've been so busy with gift knitting (most of which I haven't been able to post) I haven't done any cables yet! Best consider me an inactive participant this month!

  6. Not participating, but I was inspired to start a little textured project of my own! :)

  7. PS.

    Forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday.


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