Thursday 12 March 2009

Who'll come a-cabling with me?

After a Long Lacy Summer, I've decided it's time for some textured knitting: cables, ribbing, bobbles [well probably not bobbles] - dense, cozy knitting for the winter months. I'm not going to make an official KAL - heck, I barely have enough time to blog let alone manage a KAL - but I'd be delighted if anyone wants to join me. Just email me if you want to participate [so I can be sure to check your blog], knit something in a textured stitch and blog about it. You can even put a link to this blog [if you wish]. No competitions, no prizes; just good, clean, wholesome, warm, knitting fun!

And to kick it off - here are two I prepared earlier; beanies [on circulars] are great travel knitting: no losing needles, no long needles irritating fellow travellers, and knitting in the round means no need for 'just let me finish this row before I reach my destination'!
Cabled Beanie I - olive; completed 5 March 2009.

Cabled Beanie II - blue; completed 7 March 2009.

Both of these beanies will find their way to Australian Inland Ministries to keep the heads warm of two of our indigenous citizens. The blue one will have to go to someone with a head slightly smaller than mine!


  1. Nice job on the beanies - cables are great aren't they.

  2. oh i see cables in my winter - just not yet. But soon! Sign me up!

  3. I think I will play, too, now to dig out the pattern books to find a cable pattern..............

    The hats are nice-very!


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