Sunday 4 January 2009


...I've done three and a half repeats and I can't find any dropped stitches. I'm being extra careful with that K2 tog! I was tempted to turn it into SSK but have stuck with the pattern - why should I let lace get the better of me? And, no more TV [boo hoo - the tennis season is just starting]; it's talking books only for me - I won't be taking my eyes off that knitting for one single stitch!

Thanks to all who commented. I really appreciate your support. Perhaps if the stole was for me I'd have given up and knitted some easier pattern - one with a rest row on WS. But this is the one the Bride has chosen so this is the one she will have! Off to knit - truly, thank you all so much, your comments and support mean more than you know!


  1. Oy. I just read your post below, and believe me, I had a sympathetic sick pang in my stomach as I read. I'm so sorry!! But you can do it, and we'll all cheer you on and knit difficult lace in sympathy :)

  2. May your stitches not drop, and may your knitting be smooth, oh, and QUICK!

  3. Yay for a good start! I'm sure it will go smoothly and quickly!

  4. High fivin' ya! Good work-you are investing in a memory! It is worth the sacrifice!

  5. oh yes, when it's for someone else, it becomes a different sort of project doesn't it? Keep going!


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