Sunday 2 March 2008

Rising from the frog pond

After a week of deliberation, the beret did indeed go swimming in the frog-pond. And up out of it rose... a beret!

The new beret has been knitted on 2.75mm and 3.50mm needles [a smaller size than the smaller size used previously!!] - now, naturally enough, the beret fabric is tighter but the beret is too small for an adult's head - even for an adult's small head. But that's okay - it will fit an older child who will love the pink, mauve and yellow combination of my hand-dyed yarn.

As for the second 50g skein that was in the original; it is resting - waiting for me to realise what it was always meant to become!

So, a win all round - I successfully completed my beret [though I'm not entirely happy with the way the fabric bunches]; and a young lady somewhere will get a beautiful, one-of-a-kind beret.


  1. I adore my wool winder - it really works best when combined with a swift! There is a youtube video which is useful!

    I find it very calming to sit and wind balls from skeins - simply machinery working perfectly is just a joy!

  2. Lynne
    re yr comment on my Blog - I can highly recommend the Sheep and Wool Show - we're planning a get-together


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