Thursday 10 January 2008

Lincraft 'sale' today and Spotlight tomorrow

I visited Lincraft Penrith today - it's quite close to my physiotherapist's practice.

They had lots of yarn - lots of Lincraft yarn, that is! They also had a fair amount of Feathers, Ostrich and Powder Puff - all Patons novelty yarns; the brochure said "national yarn brands up to 70% off " but the weird thing was there were no price signs on anything except the Lincraft yarn! I don't really like working with novelty yarns so I left them where they were!!

There were a couple of large signs advertising that if a customer bought a minimum of $20 of any Lincraft yarns in one sale, they would give him/her a free baby knitting/crochet book valued at $6.99. So, what the heck? Lincraft acrylic DK is cheaper than the yarn at at Big W ($1.99 compared to $2.63) so I thought I'd try dyeing that. Eleven balls of that and voila! one free baby pattern book. I like the book - it has both knitting and crochet patterns for clothes, blankets and toys; if you happen to be in a Lincraft store, take a look; it would possibly be $7 well spent for the wide variety of patterns [if, of course, you don't already have dozens!]

As for sale; apart from the Patons novelty yarns [which were unmarked] - everything seemed pretty much the regular price. Even the bags from Wangaratta are always that price; and the Lincraft DK [acrylic] works out the same price per 100g! $5.00 for 250g of wool is good value but I couldn't find any packs that looked like they contained wool. $5.00 for 250g of baby nylon is also good but I don't like knitting with it and, since it's always that price, I can probably pick some up later if I really want some. Right now I have quite a bit [at least of pink and white] due the generosity of a fellow member of K4C!

So, if you live out this way, like knitting with novelty and/or synthetic yarns, there's a wide range to choose from; just don't come expecting a bargain, there doesn't seem to be any!

While I was in the area, I visited the markets for more Ozepol [dye for acrylic] - the vendor, Terry, of Starr Lace seemed quite impressed with my efforts [photos tomorrow I hope!]

PS Spotlight's new sale starts tomorrow: Thorobred 8ply 100g acrylic VIP price 99c [usually $1.99] - "up to 16 colours available": see you in Penrith Spottie at 9am!

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