Saturday 1 December 2007

Still here, still knitting, still tired!

More than a month since my last post! Thanks to those bloggers who contacted me to see if I was okay. Where have I been? Well, the redecorating continues but living in a constant state of mess is really getting to me!

Work has also kept me very busy - the more volunteers, the more preparation I have to do to keep them all busy!

But, all is not lost - I have been knitting. Clapotis is finished and blocked. I may even be able to convince WM to stand still long enough to take photos then I can post them here and post the real thing to its recipient.

I have also made two 'scrap' cardigans; one is completely finished, the other is at the finishing stage. Again, hopefully photos this afternoon.

As for socks, the less said the better. Apparently they don't feel comfortable because they are too big! So the finished pair and the almost finished pair need to be ripped out and started again! :-(

Sad to say, the socks will have to wait - so much for SSoS. I'm giving up knitting for a month! My shoulder isn't getting any better and I want to see if knitting aggravates it [or not knitting helps!].

What's a girl to do?


  1. Good luck with resting the shoulder. Hopefully knitting doesn't aggavate it. How about DD being the model... LOL :)

  2. Welcome back - sorry about your shoulder!!! - and about the socks - still we knit on...... Take care - let us know what the clappy looks like!!

  3. Glad everything is ok with you - although giving up knitting for a month - how sad! Hope the shoulder gets better.

  4. I love the colours on your clapotis - I have yet to try this!!

    Do we get to see a picture???

    Love the dyes by the way - very exxy though - I have some Kool Aid sent from US by a friend - so will try your method using that!

  5. Hi Yvette
    I'd love a picture of Clapotis myself - I mailed it to Newcastle [I live in Sydney] and forgot to take a photo first! :-(
    Hopefully my friend will be in Sydney for the tennis sometime in January and can be persuaded to bring it down with her!


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