Sunday 8 July 2007

Knitting weather

This morning, I was sitting outside in the warm sunshine under a clear blue sky. At noon the clouds started to build up and increased rapidly; the wind also increased. In half an hour it had cooled so much that I had to go back inside and put on a jumper/sweater ('cos that's what they're for! thanks Brenda)

Unfortunately, inside is where the computer is - and I haven't knitted a stitch since I came in three hours ago!

This morning I completed the first of my third pair of socks in four days - what was that about addiction? LOL They have all been knitted in 8ply (DK) acrylic and are destined to go to the Salvation Army to be given to the homeless. Acrylic will hopefully be more hard wearing than wool though probably not as warm. I think I'll use the leftovers from the skeins to knit hats/beanies - I'll knit the ribbing in the patterned yarn until it runs out then use plain yarn to finish the hat. I'll knit those on dpns too - I don't like seaming (although grafting/Kitchener stitch isn't so bad, now that I've got the hang of it!)

On the social front, I had the pleasure of meeting Donna and Em on Friday morning - we met for coffee during a break in Em's eisteddfod schedule. Donna had her Shetland shawl with her - it's just a beautiful in real life as it is on her blog though the Shetland yarn is not as soft as it looks! Em is a polite, well-mannered girl, a credit to her parents. Donna is friendly and outgoing; she is the founder of the Australian and NZ knitters' blog-ring and shared some stories about her blogging history that were very interesting. She seems to know everybody on the ring! LOL
Thanks, Donna, for inviting me to meet with you.


  1. I read every single blog in the Aussie webring. But I don't do housework ;)

  2. ah, Brenda. How I love thee.

    You met Donna! How wonderful. Lucky you.


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