Sunday 24 June 2007

Inaugural Saturday Meeting of the Sydney members of knit4charities

Seven members of the Knit4Charities online group and three guests met in the Cumberland Lounge of Parramatta Leagues Club yesterday afternoon. We (well at least DD and I) had a lovely, relaxed time in the company of friendly ladies knitting a variety of things, mostly for charity. And good news, Kate, four of the ten women were members of the Blue Mountains branch of the knitting guild!

One lady was doing Tunisian crochet (or is it knitting?) - it was quite extraordinary to watch - a blend of knitting and crochet giving a very interesting fabric. Three women were knitting squares, another was knitting a blanket in one piece, another two were doing babies' jackets (one top down), and yet another was knitting socks (cuff down). The socks were knitted in Carnival Effects Camouflage - they looked great. I was also intrigued by one lady's knitting technique, with her right needle tucked under her arm - just like photos of Shetland Island knitters!

I behaved myself and did not knit - even though I really wanted to! It is proof that the company was good and the atmosphere relaxed that the time flew by, even without knitting!

Unfortunately, no photos were taken. A date has been set for our next meeting: 11 August, same venue.

Thanks, ladies, I really appreciate you all and I'm sure you are especially appreciated by all those who are blessed by your generous donations.

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