Wednesday 4 April 2007


After finishing the shrug on Saturday, except for sewing on the button (which I'm not sure where to put), I had to find another project for Lint for Lent.

On Saturday afternoon I had used my free day from Stashalong to purchase some new acrylic yarn. Big W now carries a range called "Carnival Effects" - this range includes stripes, camouflage and fair isle, and I was curious so I bought four balls of 'fair isle' to try out. There is no indication (on the ball band or the website) of the optimal number of stitches to use to get a fair isle effect, but I guessed a fairly small number of stitches would be most likely to give the greatest effect. I also figured stocking stitch would be the best stitch to use. I didn't want to knit a scarf (they're not much good in stocking stitch anyway). Finally I decided to be brave enough to try socks!

I knitted a basic pattern from The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook: top down, K1 P1 rib, stocking stitch, hourglass heel and wedge toe. I finished the first sock in two days and am now working the instep of the second sock. Because I only had a set of four dpn I found it a bit tiresome to knit on three and have one free, so today I exchanged an unused set of 4.00mm for another set of 3.25mm dpns - knitting with five is so much easier.

The yarn is not really giving a fair isle effect, although it is an interesting self-striping pattern; and, without any effort on my part, the stripes on the first sock match fairly well with the stripes on the second sock, which I wasn't really expecting!

When I'm finished the second sock, I'm going to frog the first sock back to the heel because my decreases and joins have holes where there should be none! Now that I've knitted the heel of the second sock I can see how bad the first sock looks. Just as well I hadn't grafted the toe!

Being 8ply acrylic knitted on 3.25mm (US 3) needles, the finished fabric is not soft but it is certainly warm - and there are always people who prefer acrylic, perhaps because they are allergic to wool.

So, my first pair of socks knitted-in-the-round is almost done; notice I don't say my first ever pair of socks - I started a pair of socks in the 1970s but they were never finished. I remember being at my grandmother's house and seeing the pattern in the Sunday paper - she gave me wool and the appropriate needles and off I went. I don't know why I never finished them. I'm certain that I would never have worn them even though they were probably quite fashionable back then! I don't think I've ever worn knee high socks!

So, here are some photos of the 70s socks.

They are knitted on two needles; the foot is seamed at the side and the leg at the back. I guess I must have gotten bored because I only knitted one and started the ribbing on the other! One day I may even finish the second sock.

Do you think this is the world's longest unfinished project - 30+ years?

Edited 8 April to include photos

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  1. oh goodness they are funny socks! 30+ years for not finishing a project would have to be some sort of record! You should finish them just so you can say that you had a project on the go for that many years!


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