Wednesday 18 April 2007

I made it into Google's Top 50!

I bought some child size hangers from Big W by mistake and had already undone the shrink wrap before I realised. Today I was looking for free patterns for coathanger covers - so I typed this into Google: knit coathanger cover pattern

I was so surprised when scrolling through the first 100 (of 21,300) answers to find this at #45 (scroll down about halfway):
Too hot to knit? Never!
The pattern was for knitting in the round; I didn't have the appropriate ... 15 teddies; 7 wraps; 6 lace coathanger covers; 2 scarves; 1 water bottle bag ... - 17 Apr 2007 - Similar pages - Note this
There was no one home to share my elation, so my virtual friends - be excited with me! LOL

edited: 19 April
Wanted to show off to my family - no way; even though I haven't changed my blog, it is no longer relevant! Ah, well, 'they' say we only get 15 minutes of fame - that must have been it! :-(


  1. Hi Lynne
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments - shame your 15 mins of fame couldn't last long enough to show your family!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my Blog, Lynne :) Yes, it's a pity your post didn't rank on Google longer, but you never know with these things – the web is forever changing, so I bet if you wrote an entry all about coathanger covers, you'll get there again! ;)


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