Friday 30 March 2007

I still didn't learn!

I should have read the pattern carefully. After choosing not to frog the shrug but to add stripes of colour, I found myself eight rows short of finishing (320 stitches) with no more yarn!

I should have read the pattern carefully - it clearly states:
4ply yarn: 3 x 25g balls
That means I needed at least 51g, possibly as much as 75 grams to complete the job. Why did I not see that? My only excuse is the earliness of the hour - I am not at my best at 6.00 on a Saturday morning!

So, after knitting for a few more hours over three days, I frogged back to three centimetres and started again!

Lesson learnt: read the pattern carefully!

the silver lining: I taught myself how to insert a needle into the row I want to frog back to! The only thing is, I'm left-handed so I work from left to right which means my row was on the needle backwards! :-)

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  1. Oh no - you really are teaching yourselve some lessons! As long as you can see the positive side it's all good.


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