Sunday 25 February 2007

Lynne Johnson workshop

Yesterday I attended a full day workshop with the very talented and inspiring Lynne Johnson
called "Feral and Odd Ball Knitting". Lynne is writing a book so it's not fair to publish pictures of her finished work but here is an appetiser! There are three articles shown in this photo: a vest in autumn tonings in the background, a red and black shawl in the foreground and a small part of an article in super garter stitch in the middle right.

Lynne taught us super garter stitch: here is a small sample of her work.

Here I am concentrating on my multicoloured knitting It was so nice to knit with wool again, it has a very different feel to acrylic. However, I'm not too impressed with my sample so I probably won't continue with it. Anyway, at the moment I am determined not to cast on for any new projects until I have completed the list in my sidebar!

You can find more pictures on our knitters' group blog.

Update: This last link has been amended - thanks Stacy for pointing out my error lapse of concentration! :-)


  1. Lynne,

    The link to your knitting group blog was incorrect. may want to check it out. My gosh girl, you are a knitting fiend! You go girl!


    ps. It looks like you are a redhead! so am I. The world needs more redheaded knitters.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the link - my page has now been edited and you credited! ;-)

    I have been a redhead but my natural colour is medium brown with red highlights. My daughter (nearly 21) was born with red hair and was a strawberry blonde most of her life, now she's a rich golden honey (in more ways than one)


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